Carbs Are Not My Friend

Carbs!  I’ve had a love hate relationship with them forever.  I want them, just a little, but as soon as I get just a little it seems like they grab me a take me captive.  I can’t stop.  I’m picking up more and more.  And more and more.  I don’t know, maybe not all carbs, but there are quite a bit of them that have that affect on me.  Bread especially, even some fruit, and of course potatoes and pasta.  It’s like, if I stop no problem; but once I start just a little I lose all ability to stop.  Not asking for advise on this, just sayin’
I try to substitute for wheat flour or brown rice or sweet potatoes.  That helps.  But the white stuff is just brutal!

The untarnished truth is I want carbs to be my friend.  I want carbs to like me enough to not bother me after I’ve had 1 spoonful or 1 serving.  But it doesn’t play fair.  It comes across looking innocent, smooth creamy, a small unassuming side dish… and the next thing I know it has me captive.

What to do…

On decisions, big or small when I’m feeling torn, I read something today that says I should relinquish the decision and take it to God.  Should I eat it or shouldn’t…  God what do you think I should do?   I want some or I want more but I don’t need it, but it’s calling me… God can you stop the noise?  Powerful Almighty God – certainly you are more powerful then the pull of the Peanut butter on white bread — can you please stop the pull…

I should also relinquish the decision of who to sale this car to.  I should also relinquish the deicison of what to use the money from the car sale on, when my husband and I have different priorities.  I place another ad, I put a sign on the car and trust him for the results.  I pray thy will be done for how it is to be disburse, I pray for peace and agreement with my husband I.  I relinquish all of theses –  because this is what I really want to sedate.

Thanks for letting me share.

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5 Years

Five years ago today was the last time I had sweets.  Cookies, Cakes, Donuts etc.

This BLOG is from ADD TO YOUR FAITH.  And the first step in Adding To Your Faith is VIRTUE — and UNTARNISHED TRUTH.

I decided to create this BLOG so I can give an untarnished truth, but I don’t want it on Facebook.  THis is invitation only.  If I know you as someone supportive, I’ve told you about this site.  As I will share Untarnished Truths, I hope you find it to be a safe place to do the same.  You are more then welcome to add comments or posts.  I do ask that you not give advise unless someone asks for it, and that you just share your actual experience — because we already “KNOW” what we are supposed to do — but actually doing it, is a totally different story.

So here is the Untarnished Truth.  Five years ago, I stopped eatting SUGAR, and somewhere along the line, I also stopped eatting FLOUR.  Well in the past 6 months, I started eatting food with sugar in it and food with flour in it.  I still didn’t eat cookies, cake and stuff, but I would eat peanut butter (2nd ingredient sugar),  I replaced splenda in my coffee to  organic sugar made with evaporated cane juice, and in the past 3 weeks found my self eatting freeze pops.  Although I’m ok with the organic sugar; I’m not ok with peanut butter and freeze pops.  I keep eatting them.  And it is never a good sign, when I eat something that I can’t stop eatting.  That means that food has dominion over me instead of me having dominion over it.

6 months ago, I was fired from a job.  I really liked working there, but I was not doing a good job.   Aside from the emotional blow to my ego, I have started working at home.  The 2 combined has contributed to the 20 pound weight gain I talked about.  Because, I must admit it is a lot easier to plan my meals and take them with me, then to be in the house with my kitchen all day.   But like it or not, planning my meals work for me.  Journaling works for me.  And having other people on the journey with me, works for me.  So, if you  would like to join the journey – come one.   Oh — another thing that I ask, is that you do not correct my grammar errors.  You will find many, I know, and I will try to correct them, but if I miss something OH WELL!!!!

Anyway, here we go.  I’m aiming for 35 pounds.  I’ve never been a 10/12 as an adult…  Actually I don’t ever remember being a 10/12…   But I still believe that is the size God desires me to be so that I can be of best use to Him.


God Bless You

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