The One Serving Horror

Some days I do not know what “1 serving” looks like or how big “1 slice” of pizza really is. I used to think 1 slice of pie was 1/4 of the pie, when I read on the back of a box it was 1/16 I was appalled!  And let’s not talk about how much one serving of ice cream REALLY is…  isn’t it something like 1/2 cup.  I wanted to cry when I saw that.  I still remember when I first saw it.  I thought they were joking when the pint of ice cream said 4 servings. 

But the truth is, my mind is very warped when it comes to knowing what a serving of something is.  So, I weigh my food.  Especially protein, fruit, carbs/starches, grain and salad dressing.  Sometimes vegetables, but go-figure, I’m not as warped in my thinking about the serving size of vegetables as I am the other stuff.  My food scale, knows exactly how much 4 oz of brown rice is, or 4 oz of meat, or 4 oz of fruit, or 1 oz dressing.   Today, I am grateful I can count on my scale to tell me exactly what one serving is. 

Real tip — Ice cream is a weakness for me.  It was my #1 comfort food.  Creamy ice cream, and the thought of just having a mere 1/2 cup still saddens me.  That is why I don’t bring it in my house.  If I have any, I pay the price and eat it out, where someone else can just give me 1 serving and I’m done…  to this day, I cannot trust myself to give me 1 serving of ice cream.

Welcome to my past world – that still wants to occasionally haunts me


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