The Food Plan meets the Social Event


Social events!!!  I forgot how challenging these can be.  Since End of Sept I’ve attended two of them.  I stuck to my food plan but it was neither easy or comfortable.   Here is the part I have a track record of doing successfully. 

PLANNING:  Right now I am trying to lose the last 40 pounds (now 21 pounds).  I learned when I was losing 100 pounds, how important it was for me to plan my meals, especially if I’m going to be at an event during a meal time and/or where food is served.  Go in armed with a plan.  Both events, I planned what I was going to eat.   

Event #1 was a potluck.  I immediately offered to bring  vegetable or a salad.  I already know, potlucks I attend are usually loaded with starch and meat and very little vegetables (if any).  So if I was bringing the vegetables, the only left to question was my protein.  Scanned the sign up sheet and I saw, lasagna and wings.  I already knew lasagna was OUT —   no flour i.e.  no pasta.  For the wings — hmmm  deep down I knew they were going to be bbq wings.  But I convince myself that maybe it wouldn’t be.  And if it wasn’t I could sit and eat  and socialize with everyone else. BUT – just in case, I got a container put 4oz of  turkey patties and 4oz of  cut fruit in it an stuck in my purse.  Well the potluck started at 7:00.  Eating time was around 7:30.  By this time I am hungry. I scanned the table and except for my vegetable there was nothing else I could have.  The wings were cooked in bbq sauce, so I just left it alone, and put a lot of vegetable on my plate.  SO FAR SO GOOD..   But here is where the tough part comes.  I don’t like being different.  I was to scared to put my turkey patties and fruit on my plate with my vegetables.  I didn’t want people to notice I was eating differently.  I wanted to blend in.  So what did I do…   brace yourself… I ate my turkey patties and fruit in the bathroom.  As I’m writing it, I’m wondering what is the big deal eating something different in front of people.   I don’t know, all I know is teenagers are not the only ones who want to fit in with their peers.   The Good news, I stuck to my food plan – at the expense of eating in a bathroom (yuk!).

EVENT #2 — I remembered the bathroom incident and didn’t ant to repeat that.  This event was an all day class where lunch was being provided. I knew to bring my own lunch.  And it was good thing, because it was fried chicken with potato salad and pasta salad.  Okay, so I had my salad, I put it in a bowl and while everyone was in the eating area laughing, talking and socializing…  I found a secluded place to eat, because I didn’t want to bring attention to the fact I bought my own food.   Sanitary place time…  but I was lonely.  I didn’t mingle or socialize with anyone, and felt left out.   

Here is the moral to all of this jabber…  both events, I ate my planned meal.  I’m grateful for that.  I’m grateful that no matter what I chose to having planned healthy meal took a priority.  But this journey is not about what we eat.  This journey is about the priorities we make, the decisions we make, the sacrifices we make aside from the food itself.  The food just points us to the bigger issues we hide behind.  Issues like wanting to fit it, not wanting to be different, being in solitude or not.   Don’t get it twisted, this journey is about many more things besides food.  Food is just what directed us to the path. 

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