Living by Faith

I have a long history of compulsively eating and overeating certain foods to ignore deeper problems that would overwhelm me without the extra food.

Yes, I desire to lose weight, but in addition to losing weight, I’d like to learn how do life and deal with life without sedating myself with food.  I’d like to learn to LIVE by a Faith in God.

Because of this long history the only barometer I have that lets me know I’m using food for nourishment oppose to a sedative, is my food plan.  My meals lined up with the plan.  When this happens I know to the best of my knowledge, whatever happens in my day I am LIVING based on a reliance of God.  When I add things to my food plan, even if it’s an extra piece of fruit – is at least a yellow light… and when the urge to continue outside of my food plan, I KNOW I am no longer eating for nourishment.  Today I am grateful for my food plan.  It is letting me know just how Good God Is – all by Himself.

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