Carbs Are Not My Friend

Carbs!  I’ve had a love hate relationship with them forever.  I want them, just a little, but as soon as I get just a little it seems like they grab me a take me captive.  I can’t stop.  I’m picking up more and more.  And more and more.  I don’t know, maybe not all carbs, but there are quite a bit of them that have that affect on me.  Bread especially, even some fruit, and of course potatoes and pasta.  It’s like, if I stop no problem; but once I start just a little I lose all ability to stop.  Not asking for advise on this, just sayin’
I try to substitute for wheat flour or brown rice or sweet potatoes.  That helps.  But the white stuff is just brutal!

The untarnished truth is I want carbs to be my friend.  I want carbs to like me enough to not bother me after I’ve had 1 spoonful or 1 serving.  But it doesn’t play fair.  It comes across looking innocent, smooth creamy, a small unassuming side dish… and the next thing I know it has me captive.

What to do…

On decisions, big or small when I’m feeling torn, I read something today that says I should relinquish the decision and take it to God.  Should I eat it or shouldn’t…  God what do you think I should do?   I want some or I want more but I don’t need it, but it’s calling me… God can you stop the noise?  Powerful Almighty God – certainly you are more powerful then the pull of the Peanut butter on white bread — can you please stop the pull…

I should also relinquish the decision of who to sale this car to.  I should also relinquish the deicison of what to use the money from the car sale on, when my husband and I have different priorities.  I place another ad, I put a sign on the car and trust him for the results.  I pray thy will be done for how it is to be disburse, I pray for peace and agreement with my husband I.  I relinquish all of theses –  because this is what I really want to sedate.

Thanks for letting me share.

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